About Us

Dusty Porter

Dusty Porter is an online content creator and voice actor. He has been creating online content for almost ten years now and has been running his company Porter Media for over 10. 

Dusty now runs a successful YouTube channel all about teaching people how to use technology and simplifying things in a way that very few can do through video. This channel currently has over 350 thousand subscribers and 100 million video views. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

He also runs the YouTube Creators Hub podcast to help video creators who want to start, grow, and monetize their video content. This show averages about 15-20 thousand downloads per week and continues to grow. Subscribe to the YouTube Creators Hub podcast here.

Dusty also runs the Podcasters Unplugged podcast to help audio creators who want to start, grow, and monetize their podcasts. He interviews successful podcast hosts every week about their podcasting journey and how they built and monetized their content. Subscribe to the Podcasters Unplugged show here.

Vince Conner

Vince Conner is an online content creator and businessman. He also has been creating online content for many years now over a variety of channels and types, from woodworking on YouTube, to live streaming on Twitch. Additionally Vince has worked on multiple podcasts both as a host and production. While not creating content, or in the editing room, he spends most of his time behind the scenes managing all things business.

Vince has spent the majority of his time working in business managing implementations, projects and clients for Fortune 500 companies that has helped build experience that directly translates into ensuring your project is handled professionally and timely. We pride ourselves in being your chosen partner on your podcasting ventures.

We look forward to work on your show!