Podcasting Resources

I thought it would help if I made a page of resources for all of your Podcasting needs. Anything that is listed below is something that I PERSONALLY use or have used in the past, and I feel good promoting it. When building a Podcasting brand it is great to know what tools have worked instead of having to sift through all of the JUNK that is out there.

Audio Editing Software

With this section, I am going to list all of the ones I have and still use. When it come’s to editing software for a podcast it’s all about comfort. Find one that you enjoy working with and stick with it.

Adobe Audition: Audition is the software that I use every day to record the audio for all of my podcasts and YouTube content. I’ve found that Adobe has great software and their audio editor is no different. I subscribe to the Creative Cloud Suite that allows me to have access to their other products as well (Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro).


Bluehost: ALL of my personal and business websites are hosted through BlueHost. Not only is it super SIMPLE, but it is also extremely reliable. The best part about it is the 1-Click WordPress install that allows you to easily install WordPress in literally seconds and will have your Blog/Website up and running within minutes! Also, you can have as many domains as you would like on the same hosting plan if you are thinking about having more than 1 website. Click This Link For A Special Discounted Price

The Thesis Theme: All of my websites run on the Thesis Theme and as you can tell not only does it look great BUT it’s also very easy to navigate for a beginner. Thesis promises out-of-box search engine optimization, faster page load times, maximum readability to engage and hold reader’s attention, and point-and-click design and font controls. It has served me well over the years, and I highly recommend it.

Logo and Brand Design

99 Designs: I get a lot of questions about where to find a good designer. Att 99designs, dozens of talented designers compete to deliver the best design for your creative needs — from logos to business cards to full website concepts.

If you click this link, you can easily launch your design contest with an exclusive, free Power Pack Upgrade valued at $99. Now that’s cool!!


Screenflow: Screenflow is the tool that I use when recording my screen on my Mac that allows me to create Amazing screencast videos. This tool has helped me more than I can even put into words. If you are looking into recording your screen on a mac THIS is the tool for you. Click here to get Screenflow For Mac

Other Great Resources:

Music Radio Creative: A great resource for Intros and Outros for your show. Also, if you need an audio promo done these guys are great.

Fiverr: I use this site weekly. You can get anything done on this site starting at FIVE DOLLARS. If you need some website work, SEO work, social media management, and anything you can think of, you can find it here.